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Shannon Class Emergency Stop


First call out for Fleetwood RNLI’s new Shannon class lifeboat


The new Shannon class lifeboat, Kenneth James Pierpoint at Fleetwood RNLI, was called into action for the first time this afternoon (Saturday 16 July), following a request by Holyhead Coastguard.

The Kenneth James Pierpoint arrived at her new home in Fleetwood at the end of June. It was out on an exercise with the volunteer lifeboat crew, when the call came in to assist with a yacht that had run aground near the entrance to Fleetwood Marina. The Shannon class lifeboat arrived at the scene to discover the yacht listing to one side. The Fleetwood ‘D’ class in-shore boat was tasked to remove the crew from the boat for their own safety. It was agreed with Fleetwood Coastguard and the yacht crew, to wait for the next high tide, later this evening and Fleetwood RNLI would assist with the re-float.

Steve Carroll, Coxswain on the Kenneth James Pierpoint for the day said, ‘We decided to remove the crew from the yacht for their own safety. No doubt this’ll be the first of many call outs for the new lifeboat. It was good to get the first one done and everyone back safely.’

Shannon Class Lifebaot