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Shannon Class Emergency Stop


7th June 2015 – RNLI Fleetwood lifeboat crew attend to boat stuck on sandbank


The volunteer RNLI lifeboat crew at Fleetwood, had an early morning call on Tuesday (7th June) to attend to a fishing vessel, which had run aground in the dock channel, at the port.


The fishing vessel Corentine, registered in Jersey, ran aground at the entrance to the dock channel and listed to one side. The five man crew of the Corentine were picked up by the inshore life boat, Mary Elizabeth Barnes and taken to shore and safety.


It is hoped to refloat the Corentine at high tide today.


The lifeboat crew were alerted by HM Coastguard at 2am and were able to put into place, the training they had undertaken, only a few days before. Currently, the inshore lifeboat and the tender for the all-weather boat, are launched from a trailer, pulled into position by a caterpillar tractor, opposite the North Euston Hotel. The pontoon, from where the lifeboats are generally launched, is being upgraded to accommodate the new Shannon class lifeboat, Kenneth James Pierpoint, arriving in Fleetwood on 26 June.


Chris Ashworth, Helmsman for the Mary Elizabeth Barnes last night, said ‘We took the crew off as we were concerned about the boat listing further and there being a possible fuel spillage. All fishing crew were safely returned to shore and there were no injuries’.

Boat stuck on the sandback at Fleetwood