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Fleetwood lifeboat station has been at the heart of the town, since 1859. There have been six different lifeboat stations, sighted in various places, but all near the present station opposite the North Euston Hotel. The current building, shared with HM Coastguard, was opened in 2006.

The lifeboat volunteer crews, all trained by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, have been willing to drop whatever they were doing, when required, to help save lives in Morecambe Bay and even further out into the Irish Sea. Fleetwood RNLI Lifeboat was heavily involved with the Riverdance incident in January 2008.


In 2015, Fleetwood lifeboat station was the busiest RNLI station in the north of England, launching 86 times and saving 32 lives.


The RNLI relies entirely on donations from the public and their generosity enables over 300 lifeboat stations to operate, around our shores. In 2015, it cost over £160 million pounds to keep our coastline safe.


On June 26, this year, the new ‘Shannon’ class lifeboat, The Kenneth James Pierpoint arrives in Fleetwood, taking over from the ‘Tyne’ class William Street.The William Street has been operational since 1989.

The Kenneth James Pierpoint is a new £2 million, ‘state of the art’ lifeboat, capable of speeds up to 25 knots. It is the first lifeboat to be powered by water jets and not propellers. This enhances her speed and manoeuvrability.


In addition, RNLI Fleetwood boasts a second inshore lifeboat, a ‘D’ class rib, named Mary Elizabeth Barnes. In-shore lifeboats have been ever present in Fleetwood, since 1966 and are the workhorses of the RNLI fleet.


RNLI Fleetwood is fortunate to have a willing band of volunteers to help raise funds for the organisation. Their shop, based at the lifeboat station, is particularly busy in the summer months. New volunteers for the shop are always required and those interested, can pop into the shop and have a chat with the friendly staff there. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You will be helping to support the lifeboat crew, save lives.

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